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Sheriff refuses to lower flag in honor of Nelson Mandela – is it a Problem?

December 8, 2013 Leave a comment

(CNN) — A South Carolina sheriff is refusing to lower the American flag in tribute to Nelson Mandela, saying the honor should be reserved for American citizens.

President Barack Obama ordered flags lowered to half-staff for the international icon until sunset Monday.

But Pickens County Sheriff Rick Clark says not in his department.

“It’s just my simple opinion that the flag should only be lowered to half-staff for Americans who sacrificed for their country,” Clark told CNN affiliate WHNS.

There is no problem to have pride and respect for one’s own country. But deliberately separating and placing oneself against other countries is just spiteful and ignorant. This is the kind of ‘us vs. them’ mentality that breeds hate and separation and ultimately fuels wars, and thus is really unacceptable. You don’t judge or separate from others because they are ‘not from the same country as you’, that is just ridiculous, and utterly meaningless. I mean, what is the point? If the person/individual was living by some principles that you didn’t agree with, then discuss those principles and why they aren’t effective in reality. It I never really about the person, but about what they are living and whether it’s effective, whether what they are living is of benefit or of harm, and we should speak up about and discuss such things, but there’s never any use to make it personal, nor to segregate against others based on their ‘country of origin’.

Why would we not want to pay respect to any individual in this world that has stood up for humanity in some way? That seems like just the sort of thing we would want to support no matter who/where it ‘comes from’. The differences between being from different countries is really superficial, and as long as we keep thinking from a perspective of ‘my country’ as separate from all the rest, we’re never going to sort out our living here in this reality as a whole, and live in a way that we can coexist without wars or any unnecessary harm to each other.

This kind of Imperialistic attitude really just can’t stand up anymore, in the face of all the history of the U.S., which has been shown to be self-serving at every turn, and really the ‘bully’ of the world, where the game has been to force other countries into debt slavery at the cost of the lives of the people of those countries.

You can take for example the case of what was done with Hugo Chavez which is documented in this Oliver Stone documentary – South of the Border. That is just one case of the U.S. Acting in its own economic favor in disregard of and actual exploitation of the people of another country. For more on this you can watch Confessions of an Economic Hitman and it is also a book you can read, that is written by John Perkins who worked for the U.S. In strong-arming other countries’ leaders into going into debt to the U.S. And taking over their economies.

Such an attitude of prejudice shouldn’t be tolerated, as it’s this kind of attitude of separation that keeps us from working together effectively and leads to enmity, war, and thus human suffering and the destruction of our ecosystem, which is obviously all detrimental to our lives, so why would we want to support that?

It’s fine to be proud of your country, although you would hopefully want that to be a pride that is based on the reality of what your country has done for the world and humanity’s betterment and not a blind pride where you must pretend greatness in spite of or in ignorance of the actuality of massive harm that has resulted from a country’s actions. However, pride or respect for one’s country should not be within a point of comparison where you think of your country as better than or superior to others. That is the pride of a bully, who needs to make others inferior, to feel superior themself.

The argument is that it’s the ‘American Flag’ why lower it for anyone who is not American? I am not here arguing that the flag should be lowered or not, it’s really not relevant. In the end, it is the principle of separation based on country or anything else that should be discarded as throughout history it has only led to harm and no real lasting benefit to anyone. We’ve got to work together here to find sustainable ways of coexistence, before it’s too late.

Investigate Living Income Guaranteed as a model for effective economic support for basic Human Rights.


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Libyan Rebels Being Obliterated- What Should the US Do?

March 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Much debate lately in the news about whether the U.S. should take action in the situation in Libya, and what that action should be.

There is arguments that we simply must do something to stop the Libyan rebels from being slaughtered by the generally much more militarily equipped, armed and trained soldiers and mercenaries fighting for Gaddafi.

Here, we can see just what the rebels are up against- Money. If you have a look at how much money it takes to have and operate an army- it’s quite extensive and can’t be done without it.

It takes money to convince us to take up arms and stand against one another. And this is only possible if there is not access to sufficient money in some other way.

In an Equal Money System, it will be much more difficult to raise an army to protect one’s self-interest. No one will need the money that badly.

Military involvement is really irrelevant in terms of an actual solution. We need an Equal Money System for All Humanity, and that is our priority- anything less is simply allowing abuse to continue while we should be working on a solution.

Here in the U.S. we have a governmental structure that is set up in such a way that it will actually be not difficult to bring about an Equal Money System, and we can serve as an example to the rest of the world.

Ironically, the U.S. has been apparently attempting to serve as an example of Democracy in the world, yet invading countries is not exactly a democratic maneuver, and is downright hypocritical, when the U.S. has not even found a way to support itself effectively- with a crumbling economy where people are losing their homes and more and more are turning to welfare and unemployment because they are not supported by the system.

Thus, if the ‘U.S’ really wants to see change in the world, then the ‘U.S’ must become that change, one and equal. And that means we must change on the individual level, because the U.S. is simply the reflection of all the individuals that make it up.



Juarez: Deadliest City in Mexico- This Would Not Happen in an Equal Money System

February 21, 2011 Leave a comment

In Juarez, Mexico, 53 people were killed over 72 hours, reports an article from CNN. Several of those killed were police officers.

One police officer was shot ten times at close range by a driver who confronted the officer after being given a ticket.

A head was found on a street, and another body was found by a burnt vehicle.

Besides those killed in Juarez, 13 taxi drivers were also killed in the town of Acapulco.

Juarez, one of Mexico’s deadliest cities, is home to some drug cartels who are at war with each other over turf for drug-smuggling routes, and drug-dealing territory. So far for 2011, in the city of Juarez an average of 8 people are killed every day.

In our current system such crime exists because drug trafficking is actually more lucrative than the legal route- wherein there is often not enough jobs, not enough decent jobs, that pay enough for a decent living. Crime becomes a better option as for those who are born into situations of poverty, lack the means of an getting an education, and thus lack the means to get a decent job with which to sustain themself. Not to mention that in the current system one is often required to work more than is actually necessary- this also leads to the appeal of criminal ‘business’.

In an Equal Money System this will no longer be an issue, as everyone will have sufficient access to their needs for participating within the system for a brief conscription period- as opposed to the current system where one has no choice but to work until they are too old to work anymore, and then must rely on Social Security to be able to survive.

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