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Juarez: Deadliest City in Mexico- This Would Not Happen in an Equal Money System

February 21, 2011 Leave a comment

In Juarez, Mexico, 53 people were killed over 72 hours, reports an article from CNN. Several of those killed were police officers.

One police officer was shot ten times at close range by a driver who confronted the officer after being given a ticket.

A head was found on a street, and another body was found by a burnt vehicle.

Besides those killed in Juarez, 13 taxi drivers were also killed in the town of Acapulco.

Juarez, one of Mexico’s deadliest cities, is home to some drug cartels who are at war with each other over turf for drug-smuggling routes, and drug-dealing territory. So far for 2011, in the city of Juarez an average of 8 people are killed every day.

In our current system such crime exists because drug trafficking is actually more lucrative than the legal route- wherein there is often not enough jobs, not enough decent jobs, that pay enough for a decent living. Crime becomes a better option as for those who are born into situations of poverty, lack the means of an getting an education, and thus lack the means to get a decent job with which to sustain themself. Not to mention that in the current system one is often required to work more than is actually necessary- this also leads to the appeal of criminal ‘business’.

In an Equal Money System this will no longer be an issue, as everyone will have sufficient access to their needs for participating within the system for a brief conscription period- as opposed to the current system where one has no choice but to work until they are too old to work anymore, and then must rely on Social Security to be able to survive.


Father and Daughter Murdered- Two Unecessary Deaths

February 14, 2011 Leave a comment

In the news today, a story about a woman in Arizona, an anti-illegal immigrant activist, led a raid on a Latino family’s home, with two accomplices, was convicted of murdering a man and his daughter and the attempted of murder his wife. Prosecutors said she and her accomplices were hoping to find weapons, money, and drugs they could steal in order to finance a new anti-illegal immigration outfit.
None of this needs to happen. In an Equal Money System, it will not matter what country you are from. And we will not have inequal situations, such that everyone wants to be in one place, where they might have the best chance for a decent life.
To those that is against immigration legal or illegal, realize this point- if you Really want to Stop the problem, Vote for an Equal Money System. The reason illegal immigration or legal immigration is seen as a problem all comes down to Money. It is hypocritical to be against immigration when you are living in an elite country which is profiting off the resources of other countries and impoverishing them so that if they have the chance they will do whatever they can to get into the elite countries to have a dignified life. Duh!
Equal Money System will Solve Immigration- if we make it so that no matter where in the world you are, you can have a dignified life, then obviously you will not have this problem, it won’t matter where anyone is living, and you won’t have too many people wanting to be in one place. It’s so simple. Equal Money System. 1+1=2.

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