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Bad Sleep is Becoming an Epidemic: 1-in-3 are Victim of a Racing Mind

November 27, 2012 2 comments

“The bad sleep epidemic: Forget insomnia, are you a victim of ‘semi-somnia’? Triggered by stress and computer use, this low-quality sleep is wrecking millions of lives…” Full article here:

Looks like more and more people are suffering from poor sleep, where one might wake up several times in the night or just generally have only a light sleep throughout the night without every going into a deep sleep, and waking up feeling unrested. According to the above article, one-in-three Britons are suffering from these sleep problems. That’s a lot.

The reason for this interrupted or light sleep is that it’s because our minds are racing with information that keeps us up and keeps us from getting a good night’s rest. What’s interesting about this is what it shows us about our relationship to/with our mind. That we are essentially existing as victims to our minds, as our minds are racing and not letting us sleep properly, and we can’t apparently simply stop our mind from racing so that we can sleep effectively. How is it that we don’t even question the fact that we have so little directive control of our minds, yet our minds practically drive who we are in each and every moment. How is it that we’ve become so separated from that mechanism which we essentially allow to make all our decisions for us, and determine how we experience ourselves from one moment to the next, that things have gotten so out of hand that now our minds run amok to the point that our physical body and thus our daily living is compromised? And this sleep issue, is just one case where our separation from our minds is ruining our lives.

It’s actually taken completely for granted that we really have no power/say when it comes to the mind, as that’s how we’ve existed for so long, in this relationship of a victim of the mind, not able to actually direct the mind, basically at its whim, and like one of the suggestions in the article, is to take time to ‘allow the mind to wander’, as if this is really as far as we can go in working with the mind to come to some sort of solution, hopefully.

‘Too much exposure to electronics’ is pointed to as the cause, that there is so much information coming into our minds, in this age of electronics, that it’s like an information overload. And yet, what’s missed in this? How do we not have any say in how our mind handles information? And what is not looked at/investigated is what is our actual participation in our mind, while we go about our day, whether it’s while working, while using electronic devices, or laying in our bed getting ready to go to sleep. In the article there’s the suggestion to have a ‘black out’ time where you literally turn of all your electronic devices at a certain time of night and don’t turn them back on until morning. Yet this is rather limiting, what if we could use electronics non-stop all day and have no problem? We’re quick to find physical things that are the reason/excuse/justification for what we experience, yet usually fail to consider our own participation, and what we are actually creating ourselves. What hasn’t been considered is our mind-participation that is going on, meaning, what is taking place in our minds as thoughts, feelings, emotions, reactions, toward that which we face in each moment of our daily living. What kind of experiences are we experiencing within ourselves as a result of our participation in the mind? And is any of that necessary or beneficial to us? Or is it getting in the way of living, as this epidemic of sleep issues indicates?

What this shows is that it is really time for us to get to know ourselves as our minds, so that we can establish self-direction and self-will to no longer be subject to the mind, that is compromising our daily living and ability to function in reality, before it gets any worse, as the longer we wait, the more ‘out of hand’ it gets, as this ‘sleep epidemic’ shows.

For an in-depth look at how the Mind functions/operates listen to the Quantum Mind Interview Series on Eqafe starting with Step 1: Quantum Mind Self Awareness – STEP 1

At Desteni, we’ve been investigating the mind for many years to get to know how it operates, and have designed courses – the Desteni I Process Pro & the New Free DIP Lite course – for the purpose of walking an individual through a personal process of getting to know one’s own mind – in order to be able to direct oneself and one’s mind, and so one’s life/living, to no longer be a victim of one’s mind.

For perspectives and to ask questions and get answers from those who have been walking the process of getting to know/understand the mind for years now visit the Desteni Forum.

For fascinating perspectives on why it is we can’t sleep with a racing mind when our body is tired, and our relationship to the mind and our physical human body, listen to this interview also available on Eqafe: My Mind won’t Let me SLEEP – Life Review.


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Inches away from being America’s Fukushima: Nuclear plant dangerously close to being engulfed by Missouri floods

July 3, 2011 2 comments

“A nuclear plant was inches away from being engulfed by the bloated Missouri River after several levees in the area failed to hold back its surging waters, raising fears it could become America’s Fukushima.” Full article here.

Isn’t is rather disturbing when we can come so close to what would be a truly horrific disaster, with tons and tons of suffering, and yet life for the most part, just seems to continue on as if nothing is happening?

If this nuclear power plant were to flood, the repurcussions of this would effect everyone, not just the local people, just like the Fukushima disaster has had world-wide effects. We live in a closed-system where nothing is actually separate.

For the most part, it seems as though, most of us think this is ‘not my problem’ or that there’s ‘nothing I can do about it anyway’ – it’s just something you hear about on the news, and hope that it gets taken care of, by whoever is supposed to be taking care of such things.

For the most part, none of us even question that we even find ourselves in such a position – don’t even question how such a situation has even come to be. I mean, when we look at even just the most basic factors involved- a nuclear power plant built along a river – or even just a nuclear power plant, regardless where it’s built is insane enough considering the risks which we are fully aware of due to events such as Chernobyl and the catastrophic damage to life that has caused, the extensive cases of a whole variety of monstrous health defects, children born with all kinds of abnormalities, a bloated hospital system desparately trying to, and simply not able to, provide the needed care to all those suffering from that cataclysmic event still to this day.

Faced with the reality of the risks involved of which we’re well aware, why would we even consider to continue using nuclear energy? Well, actually there are many who are not aware. It is not something you see much in the news or learn about in school. And for the most part, our perception of what’s going on in the world, and what is important, is dependent on how and what is presented to us as important — we don’t seem to be able to determine for ourselves what matters — after all, we are generally taught and raised by our parents to believe that only ‘professionals’ or ‘authority figures’ can actually know, see, understand, and thus tell us what is important and what is not. We are not allowed to develop a ability to see for ourselves what is actually important.

Well, that is not entirely true — we are taught to see some things as ‘important’, because it was realized that if you can control what the individual sees as important, you can take advantage of that. Just look at some of the things that’s taught as ‘important’, like for example, ‘entertainment’ is taught as something that is an important and necessary part of one’s life, to make up for and to help one cope with the extensive amount of labor one must do to ‘make a living’ within the current system, and this ‘entertainment’ is even quite specifically defined into specific types of entertainment, all which are linked to a specific consumer market- i.e. movies, video games, alcohol, sports, etc. You’ll notice that, forms of entertainment that do not make money are not advertised. So, through this selective advertising, the human is trained to seek only some forms of entertainment — those which make money — and to ignore everything else.

This way, the human’s attention is ‘channeled’ onto these specific points of seeking entertainment, keeping the human occupied and distracted from what’s going on in the world that’s actually important. Like when power plant is inches away from becoming generations and generations of physical maladies like tumors and brain damage and various forms of real physical suffering.

The human is also taught there is nothing they can do it about- only the ‘professionals’ know what to do and can do anything about it, apparently. This is just another ‘trick’ to keep humans from actually doing anything — as long as they think there is nothing they can do, they won’t be able to do anything. All the various institutions that are currently responsible for disseminating information to the ‘public’, such as the television new stations, news radio, schools and universities, etc.– are businesses within and dependent on the current money system, thus they support the current system, and as such are not going to share information that would ‘threaten’ the current system. They are not going to share with the public how the system operates so that the public could actually be participants in the creation and operation of the system- because if that were the case, most people would not choose to allow the system to continue the way it is now.

Most people would rather not live in a world where so much suffering is allowed to go on, every day, every second. Where children are subjected to needless horrific tortures. Where we must spend the majority of our lives slaving away at some irrelevant job that only serves to make someone rich at the expense of the well-being of life- like nuclear power plants.

This is why at Desteni, we are standing up from within this current system, to say that there is another way, and to expose the massive deception that’s taking place and has been for some time — to show that we do not have to accept the system as it is, and that we can live in and create a world where none have to suffer– we are debunking all the lies and misconceptions that’s been propagated so that we’ll accept the current system as it is, despite it’s deleterious affects on ourselves and our world. Desteni is humanity coming together to say ’till here no further’ will we accept and allow such atrocities to be committed, which only lead to more and more suffering. We are standing up and taking self responsibility to create a new system in which life will be supported, where all will ‘profit’ from our labors — not only a few as in the current system, while the rest toil and suffer the consequences of such an abusive system.

If you are ready to stand up for a world where we can actually Live as who we are, as our Real Expression as Human Beings here on this Earth — where we should be the Custodians of this world — not the destroyers of it — join us at Desteni in bringing about a world where we can live in Dignity and in a way which is Best for All – where none must suffer or experience the horrific consequences of nuclear radiation, where we can consider how to do things in such a way that actually supports life here, and does not destroy the very ecosystem as nature as that which we actually require to live and exist here in the physical.

If you’re ready to participate in something that is Real for once, and not simply a marketed form of entertainment designed to channel your attention into a specific market for someone’s profit to keep you distracted from what really matters here — join us at the forums at the Equal Money website, where we’re busy developing the new system which will support us as life here, to live as how we would have really liked life to be — as a world free from suffering and exploitation, where we can actually have time to enjoy ourselves and express ourselves as physical beings here!

The Book – Equal Money System will Release September 2011 — Subscribe to the book newsletter to receive a notification when it’s available.


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Radiation Detected on the West Coast- What To DO??

March 23, 2011 Leave a comment



Radiation from Japan has been detected on the West Coast of the United States. At this point, the UN is claiming that the levels of radiation are far below dangerous levels. However, since the World Health Organization and the International Atomic Energy Agency have had a long-standing relationship, I would think twice before trusting the UN on anything they have to say about nuclear energy. Here’s a quote from an article written by Oliver Tickell from The Guardian in 2009:


“Fifty years ago, on 28 May 1959, the World Health Organisation’s assembly voted into force an obscure but important agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency – the United Nations “Atoms for Peace” organisation, founded just two years before in 1957. The effect of this agreement has been to give the IAEA an effective veto on any actions by the WHO that relate in any way to nuclear power – and so prevent the WHO from playing its proper role in investigating and warning of the dangers of nuclear radiation on human health.” Read the full article here.


So you see, what happens in this world, happens to us all. It doesn’t matter if it happens in Japan or the Gulf of Mexico- we live in a closed system- the effects, the outflows and consequences, reach us all eventually- thus it’s in our best interest to consider what is going on this world, in all parts.


We need to come together as a group and work together on these points. For so long we have been separated from each other, fighting each other, killing each other, harming each other, really we have done everything horrible you can imagine.


And now we suffer the consequences which are growing everyday and will continue to do so until we actually stand up and have a look at what we’re doing, and consider the consequences- realize how we are abusing each other, so that we can finally stop. How many are going to suffer horrifically from this radiation? How many are suffering from any number of vicious problems that are happening in this world, constantly.


It’s time we stand up and stop this. It is not beyond us, it is not ‘too difficult’ it is not ‘impossible’ to stop- of course it’s not- because we are the ones doing it- it’s simply a matter of just stopping.


How bad do things have to get before we’ll consider just what it is we’re doing here, and just what matters? Let’s not let it become too late.



The first thing we can do is implement an Equal Money System- this will ‘free us up’ from the ‘survival game’ so that we can actually slow down and get out of the ‘rat race’ and actually have the time to consider things. Like using nuclear power, for example- it’s probably something we should’ve never used, but we bought it because we wanted more power, and ‘they told us’ it was safe and they told us it’s an improvement and will make your life better, they sold it to our self interest and the human bought it. And now look at Japan, and remember Chernobyl..


Why is it we haven’t developed any safer method of energy? Does it have anything to do with that the Electric Utilities is in the top third industry for highest total amount of money spent on lobbying from 1998 to 2010, for a whopping total of $1,417,601,382? In 2010 alone, $191,304,085 was spent on lobbying.


So, how much do you have to lobby for an alternative? Yeah…


This is exactly why we need an Equal Money System- so that our system can no longer be controlled and dictated only by those with the money, which is of course the ones who own the businesses, and therefore, are going to use that money to support their businesses! Not You or Me or Life period. That’s why and how the world’s resources are being consumed faster than can be regenerated (which by the way we need those resources to be able to live, otherwise we DIE).



So for those of you who’d like to Live, and Live in a world where we can consider common sense what’s best for Life- Support an Equal Money System. Stand Up and Speak Out! Be the Change you want to see in this World- it won’t happen any other way, and when you are at the end of your life-


-will you look back and see that you did everything you could to leave this world better than you found it?






Doctor Ditches Patients, and One Dies

February 17, 2011 Leave a comment

In a News Report from Russia Today there’s an investigation going on into the claims that a doctor apparently ditched some patients at a remote bus station instead of transporting them to another hospital where they were to be taken care of. Some of them couldn’t even walk!
The ditched patients were out in the cold for hours when, finally, someone noticed them and alerted the hospital that there were elderly people on their own in the cold, and they were quickly taken back to the hospital. One of the patients died shortly thereafter.
Someone said the doctor had told them an ambulance would come pick them up soon. Another person even claimed they heard the doctor say it would be “easy to die on the street”.
The doctor is denying the allegations.
This is what we’ve come to in this world, leaving old people who can’t fend for themselves out to die in the winter cold! And because why- they don’t have money. If they had money to pay for treatment, this wouldn’t have happened- money in this reality currently is the key to life- if you don’t have money- you don’t have access to life- to the things that one needs to survive in this world such as health care.
An Equal Money System will solve this problem- Everyone will have access to health care- as health care is a basic and fundamental need that one require to exist in this world.
Is this the kind of world we’d want to live- where a DOCTOR who is supposed to help people to Live, puts them out to DEATH instead?? I’d rather live in a World with people who are doctors because it’s what they like to do, and they do it as an expression of themself- Not because they are driven to make money and profit and they could give a fuck if they kill someone. This is why I support an Equal Money System.

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