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Sheriff refuses to lower flag in honor of Nelson Mandela – is it a Problem?

December 8, 2013 Leave a comment

(CNN) — A South Carolina sheriff is refusing to lower the American flag in tribute to Nelson Mandela, saying the honor should be reserved for American citizens.

President Barack Obama ordered flags lowered to half-staff for the international icon until sunset Monday.

But Pickens County Sheriff Rick Clark says not in his department.

“It’s just my simple opinion that the flag should only be lowered to half-staff for Americans who sacrificed for their country,” Clark told CNN affiliate WHNS.

There is no problem to have pride and respect for one’s own country. But deliberately separating and placing oneself against other countries is just spiteful and ignorant. This is the kind of ‘us vs. them’ mentality that breeds hate and separation and ultimately fuels wars, and thus is really unacceptable. You don’t judge or separate from others because they are ‘not from the same country as you’, that is just ridiculous, and utterly meaningless. I mean, what is the point? If the person/individual was living by some principles that you didn’t agree with, then discuss those principles and why they aren’t effective in reality. It I never really about the person, but about what they are living and whether it’s effective, whether what they are living is of benefit or of harm, and we should speak up about and discuss such things, but there’s never any use to make it personal, nor to segregate against others based on their ‘country of origin’.

Why would we not want to pay respect to any individual in this world that has stood up for humanity in some way? That seems like just the sort of thing we would want to support no matter who/where it ‘comes from’. The differences between being from different countries is really superficial, and as long as we keep thinking from a perspective of ‘my country’ as separate from all the rest, we’re never going to sort out our living here in this reality as a whole, and live in a way that we can coexist without wars or any unnecessary harm to each other.

This kind of Imperialistic attitude really just can’t stand up anymore, in the face of all the history of the U.S., which has been shown to be self-serving at every turn, and really the ‘bully’ of the world, where the game has been to force other countries into debt slavery at the cost of the lives of the people of those countries.

You can take for example the case of what was done with Hugo Chavez which is documented in this Oliver Stone documentary – South of the Border. That is just one case of the U.S. Acting in its own economic favor in disregard of and actual exploitation of the people of another country. For more on this you can watch Confessions of an Economic Hitman and it is also a book you can read, that is written by John Perkins who worked for the U.S. In strong-arming other countries’ leaders into going into debt to the U.S. And taking over their economies.

Such an attitude of prejudice shouldn’t be tolerated, as it’s this kind of attitude of separation that keeps us from working together effectively and leads to enmity, war, and thus human suffering and the destruction of our ecosystem, which is obviously all detrimental to our lives, so why would we want to support that?

It’s fine to be proud of your country, although you would hopefully want that to be a pride that is based on the reality of what your country has done for the world and humanity’s betterment and not a blind pride where you must pretend greatness in spite of or in ignorance of the actuality of massive harm that has resulted from a country’s actions. However, pride or respect for one’s country should not be within a point of comparison where you think of your country as better than or superior to others. That is the pride of a bully, who needs to make others inferior, to feel superior themself.

The argument is that it’s the ‘American Flag’ why lower it for anyone who is not American? I am not here arguing that the flag should be lowered or not, it’s really not relevant. In the end, it is the principle of separation based on country or anything else that should be discarded as throughout history it has only led to harm and no real lasting benefit to anyone. We’ve got to work together here to find sustainable ways of coexistence, before it’s too late.

Investigate Living Income Guaranteed as a model for effective economic support for basic Human Rights.


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Members of Parliament spend £1.4m on Exotic Trips while Millions can’t afford a Dignified Life

October 30, 2012 2 comments

“How MPs’ foreign junkets have cost taxpayers £1.4m: Accounts show bill for ten trips topped £40,000 each” – Full article:

So here we have some members of Parliament taking some very expensive trips, racking up a total of nearly £1.4million. Quite an obvious example of the corruption taking place within the current system, which we are allowing. I mean, when we’ve got most of the world’s population who can’t afford to have a dignified life, and then individuals who are spending millions on trips, there is an obvious disparity there. We all have agreed on the current money system, whether we realize it or not, because we’re busy participating in it, and our participation in it and acceptance of it is our agreement to it. It is like some sick joke we’re playing on ourselves, by allowing a few to horde most of the money in the world, while this directly means that others are going to go without.

I mean, we know this, we know there is corruption and greed, and that a very small few have way more than they could possibly ever use in a hundred lifetimes, while thousands are busy starving every day. And there is no possible justification for this. No matter how ‘philanthropic’ one might try to be, by donating to charities for example, that is not real caring, because real caring would be to make sure that all has enough from the very moment they enter into this world, til the moment they depart. But they won’t do that because they want to hold on to their money which is their ticket to an extravagant lifestyle, even if it means that billions suffer, because they haven’t realized that we can All actually live like Millionaires.

In an Equal Money System, this is the foundation principle, that all are equally supported and none are left out, within the realization that You would Not want to be the One Left Out. And within this, ensuring that All live a life of the Utmost Quality. Where everything that’s produced is of the best quality, because there is no actual reason to create anything of lesser quality. I mean, that is abuse. It’s massive abuse that we cause and do to ourselves.

In the case of these MP’s taking expensive trips to exotic places on ‘inquiries’ – will these ‘inquiries’ lead to creating a world that is best for all? Is it money well spent? No, because no one is calling for an actual change to the current money system. In a world with the technology and ability of internet communication is it necessary to go take a trip somewhere to have a discussion? It’s not. In the Equal Money System, we’ll utilize our technology in the interest of all life. See, there’s nothing wrong about enjoying traveling to places, it’s that it’s not cool to be taking exotic trips around the world that cost millions, when we haven’t first sorted out the suffering that we’re allowing, and make sure that we aren’t massively screwing billions of beings, not to mention the very environment we depend upon to live and to have these nice places to vacation to. That’s just pure evil. So, first we sort out this world that we’ve created by sorting out our economic system, and implanting one that actually supports everyone, as the Equal Money System, and then we can all have fun for real.

When we actually take real care of our world/environment, everywhere will be a nice place, and you won’t have to travel to go to someplace nice, though one might still like to travel and visit/learn about/explore different places in the world. But it won’t be about allowing most of the world to be disregarded, so that there’s just a few nice spots here and there. We should be taking care of everywhere. And government jobs should not be about taking vacations to those places, but should be actual administration of facilitating the distribution of resources to all of humanity and ensuring effective care of our world/environment, as it’s our home and we depend on it to live. Visit the Equal Money website and wiki to learn more about the Equal Money System and to see the foundational policies that lay out the blueprint for a system that actually supports life, through taking responsibility to sort out the mess we’ve created here and transforming our economic system from one that feeds on life, to one that cares for life in all ways.

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Having Wedding Doubts? What’s the Solution?

September 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Having pre-wedding jitters? Then DON’T go through with it, say psychologists

Read full article here:

This article focuses on a study done on married couples, that was conducted in Los Angeles by UCLA. What the study finds is that couples who had doubts about the marriage, especially when it was the bride that had doubts, tended to result in divorce more frequently than marriages where the couple had no doubts pre-marriage.

A great point is made towards the end of the article:

“Thomas Bradbury, a UCLA psychology professor and co-author of the study, compared the situation to finding something disturbing on your skin that you hadn’t noticed before.

‘If you see something unusual on your skin, should you ignore it and go to the beach, or see a doctor? Be smart and don’t ignore it – and don’t ignore your doubts either,’ said Bradbury, who co-directs the Relationship Institute at UCLA.

‘Have a conversation and see how it goes. Do you think the doubts will go away when you have a mortgage and two kids? Don’t count on that.”

This is a great point, because so many relationships end because one or both partners has some issue that they just hold inside and don’t discuss for some reason or another, and such points left unresolved will build over time, and even something that seemed small to start out with, can become the dividing point that splits a couple in two, when it’s kept in, and allowed to fester.

I saw this play out in in many of my relationships, and I’m sure many of you have experienced/gone through the same scenario, where there are little or big points that come up, but instead of just bringing it up, we keep it inside. Then we’ll mull it around in our mind, having all sorts of thoughts about it, playing out scenarios in our imagination, and participating in internal conversations and backchat toward our partner where we go into blame and judgment toward our partner, where we’ll have statements inside ourself such as ‘I can’t believe what they did’, ‘How could they do this/that’, ‘Why didn’t they just do this/that’, where interestingly enough, it’s never considered: Why am I asking these questions inside my head instead of out loud, where they can actually be heard, and answered?

So what that shows is that within ourself, we’ve made the decision to not include our partner in the conversation we’re having within ourself, and this obviously develops a rift in the relationship, because now there is one story, one version of reality, in your mind, as the conversations and scenarios that you’ve participated in in your mind, and then there is the actual physical reality, where you exist and your partner exist, and for communication to take place between each other, it has to happen physically, not in the mind.

So by not including our partner in our mind conversation, we are busy sabotaging the relationship, deliberately, within making the deliberate decision to not include our partner in one the conversation taking place within ourself, and deciding to separate ourself from them in this way, and going into backchat and blame toward them, instead of working out issues, by actually bringing them up for discussion.

Why don’t we simply bring up the issues that come up within us? It could be fear; Fear of conflict and fear of loss of relationship where you fear your partner will react/get mad/leave you, and you don’t want to do anything that might jeopardize the relationship or change your living situation. Because relationships aren’t currently designed around the starting point of doing what’s best for all as a whole, cause we as humans, have learned that one must fend for oneself, even when it comes to relationships, and from this starting point comes elements of competition, which makes relationships into a score keeping game, instead of an equal and one partnership, where both partners walk in agreement to live according to the principle of what is best for all.

How do we practically transform our starting point from one of separation into one of oneness and equality, when we’ve always existed as beings in competition with one another, in an economic system, the very foundation of which is competition and survival as an individual,because we do not take care of ourself as a group. What’s required is no less than actually changing one’s starting point, to instead of going into spitefulness and blame toward another, while considering only oneself, to stop the competition, to stop the ‘holding out’ and ‘exclusion’ of each other by going into our personal secret mind and sabotaging our relationships by participating in backchat about/toward others, instead of sticking to reality and actually communicating with each other, which will lead to couples either being able to sort out issues, or find that they are not an effective match, before they go down the road into a life commitment toward each other.

An effective way to assist and support oneself to develop the ability to communicate directly and in consideration of what’s best for all is to walk the Agreement Course put out by Desteni, which is actually the only course currently in existence which deals with the issue of separation and spitefulness in a direct and specific way in which one can really effectively walk each and every point of spitefulness and separation, where one go into blame and judgment, out of oneself. And where one learn to take self responsibility and stop the dependencies one has existed as that can keep one from speaking out in a relationship, for fear of losing the relationship, so that one can develop effective relationships with real communication and no longer live in an alternate reality in one’s mind, wishing/hoping that actual reality would change, but to take a practical active role in one’s life and relationships, and, fundamentally, develop an effective relationship with oneself, as all the other relationships with others in our life, are a reflection of our own relationship with ourself, which we’ve never effectively developed in awareness of who we’ve created ourself to be and the patterns we live out, and how what we’re living effects our very lives and our relationships.


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Oil industry launches big election PR push – Not in an Equal Money System

January 5, 2012 Leave a comment

“Oil industry launches big election PR push” –full story here.

Further proof that our economic system is based on and is completely controlled by money- the ‘oil industry’ is launching a campaign to support itself and its own industry. What is the drive behind this? Yes, Money. Does humanity require more oil? Not actually. The majority of our use of it is unnecessary in the first place- most of it’s used in businesses making/transporting products that aren’t necessarily needed but are simply created in the hopes of selling it for profit. As such, the current system is eating up resources and the trash is piling up of products that break or become obsolete quicker and quicker or of ‘disposable’ items that don’t get many repeat uses before they’re thrown out, like plastic water bottles and such, which are made out of plastic which comes from, yes, oil.

The only way we’re going to stop this cycle of rapidly destroying the planet and making it uninhabitable is by changing our abusive system to one that actually works and does not ‘necessitate’ such excessive waste. One of the excuses used to justify the oil industry’s push for more support of the oil industry, is that it will create more jobs, at a time when unemployment is even higher than usual. But we don’t need more jobs- that’s what’s destroying the planet through overconsumption of resources.

What we need is a system which actually supports us- not one where we’ve accepted that we apparently come into this world in debt- the majority of the population that is, while a very few are born into this world with enough money that they’ll have access to everything the world has to offer. We need a system where we value ourselves as equal where no one has to go without, and everyone has access to their needs and to that which supports life. Because that is how it should be.

Then we wouldn’t find ourselves in this situation where advertisements will be played on tv which are specifically designed to convince people to support the oil industry just so more money can be made and at the expense of the quality of our life and in fact the very ability for us to live here since we’re so rapidly destroying the place through this rat race system of debt, where money is valued in such a way that keeps the majority of humanity enslaved- with no real choice how to live, with no option or ability to live a truly effective and fulfilled life, where one is supported and has the ability to expand oneself and develop skills and talents and get the best education- what we have today and have had for all time is the exact opposite where almost no one really gets to thrive and everyone is caught up in a bare struggle to survive.

This is no way to live, with most enslaved to money, and those that don’t have any suffering from starvation and treatable diseases. It’s 2012, should this really still be happening? Should we still be enslaved in a debt system where we work our lives away literally giving our lives as we shrivel up from a lifetime of work, day-in and day-out, with practically no opportunities to really express oneself here in a way that one would like or would actually choose. Have a look, most of one’s decisions are made based on money- it’s infiltrated and become the deciding factor in every facet of life- thus life has become and has been slavery, and has never really been life.

If you want to actually support the people who don’t have jobs right now- investigate and support the Equal Money System  so that such a situation never manifests where we find ourselves in positions where we’re not being supported by the system. Support the Basic Income Grant as a stepping stone system to assist with effectively ending poverty within the current capitalist system, so that everyone can get their basic needs at least, and this will support everyone at least with the point of survival, freeing everyone to consider what’s really going on in this world in the big picture so we can start effectively dealing with the problems at hand, before it’s too late.

Deadly Explosion in Kenya: More Deaths that Could’ve Been Prevented with an Equal Money System

September 17, 2011 Leave a comment

More Unnecessary deaths that could have been prevented with an Equal Money System. Within an Equal Money System poverty will not exist, all will have adequate housing and infrastructure. The only reason this does not exist already, is because we’re accepting and allowing the current system which functions from a starting point of greed- and this is the kind of atrocities that are the result of accepting a system which is based on abuse.

With an Equal Money System this kind of abuse will stop, and all will be supported to live and thrive here, fostering cooperation and ending competition between humans, so that we can exist in a way that is best for all life here.

Nobody needs to live in such a way, nobody needs to live in such poverty and lack- we can All have the best quality life possible and with much much less effort than is currently put into and squandered within the current capitalist system, which is busy consuming the resources of the earth at an unsustainable rate which will lead to massive suffering worldwide. A solution is needed and that is why there is Equal Money. Investigate Equal Money!

True Blood Exposes The Truth & Mother Bear Proves It- Humans Are Evil Vampires Too

August 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Lately I have just started watching a HBO TV series called “True Blood”. Already I am noticing many interesting parallels between the vampires in the show, and ourselves as humans. I’ve noticed this before- how some TV shows that involve races other than human, such as vampire or alien, often reflect what we as humans are like and are doing in this world. Like, in True Blood, people discriminate against the vampires for killing humans- yet, obviously, humans do that as well.

In fact, everything that the vampires do, humans do in one way or another too. But I came across a really fascinating parallel just after I’d finished watching the episode in which Jason Stackhouse and his girlfriend of the moment nature-loving psychopath Amy capture Eddy the vampire and keep him captive while they periodically milk him for blood to get high off of.

Just after watching this, I saw a story in the news about a “Mother bear kills cub and then itself” in order to save her baby and herself from a situation where they were being held captive in order to be milked for their bile, to be sold to humans to ingest because it is “traditionally used to remove ‘heat’ from the body as well as treat high fever, liver ailments and sore eyes.”

So here we have a exact reflection of what we humans are doing- just like the vampires- abusing life just for our own apparent personal gain. Completely disregarding the suffering of another being. And while in the show Jason and Amy did this to get high- in reality, the bears were being milked in order to sell the bile to make money- because we currently live within a system which manifests lack, and this creates people doing all kinds of things just to try and make money to get what they want or need.

These kinds of treatments that utilize various animal parts are not necessary to maintain a person’s health- it is simply sensationalized for the purpose of getting people to buy it, based on the belief that it has certain properties and can somehow help them- but treatments are never ‘real help’ because a treatment only deals with a condition after it is caused- it does not assist a person to stop manifesting an illness or disease in the first place.

This is what we get living within the current system- only that which can be profited from is supported- and thus humans are encouraged and supported and taught to live in ways which are harmful to their health in order that they’ll manifest conditions that will then require to be treated in some way- and this way a market is created for those who can convince the ill that their treatment will work to be able to sell their product and make a profit. And the bottom-line is to profit- not to actually help or cure anyone. And this story about the mother bear actually taking the life of her baby and herself to save themselves from a life of literally ‘unbearable’ torture- is the kind of abuse that is committed as a result of this current system.

We do not need to live in this kind of a system at all- in fact, it is incredibly ridiculous that we do live in and accept a system which is so utterly abusive to every single being in existence, whether the consequences has reached them yet or not. Thus let’s support a new system that is based on equal support for all- the Equal Money System– where all will be guaranteed the opportunity to survive and thrive- and no longer accept a reality where scarcity is created just so a few can profit while the rest suffer. Support an Equal Money System to stop the abuse, so humanity becomes the custodians of Life, rather than the abusers of Life.

Inches away from being America’s Fukushima: Nuclear plant dangerously close to being engulfed by Missouri floods

July 3, 2011 2 comments

“A nuclear plant was inches away from being engulfed by the bloated Missouri River after several levees in the area failed to hold back its surging waters, raising fears it could become America’s Fukushima.” Full article here.

Isn’t is rather disturbing when we can come so close to what would be a truly horrific disaster, with tons and tons of suffering, and yet life for the most part, just seems to continue on as if nothing is happening?

If this nuclear power plant were to flood, the repurcussions of this would effect everyone, not just the local people, just like the Fukushima disaster has had world-wide effects. We live in a closed-system where nothing is actually separate.

For the most part, it seems as though, most of us think this is ‘not my problem’ or that there’s ‘nothing I can do about it anyway’ – it’s just something you hear about on the news, and hope that it gets taken care of, by whoever is supposed to be taking care of such things.

For the most part, none of us even question that we even find ourselves in such a position – don’t even question how such a situation has even come to be. I mean, when we look at even just the most basic factors involved- a nuclear power plant built along a river – or even just a nuclear power plant, regardless where it’s built is insane enough considering the risks which we are fully aware of due to events such as Chernobyl and the catastrophic damage to life that has caused, the extensive cases of a whole variety of monstrous health defects, children born with all kinds of abnormalities, a bloated hospital system desparately trying to, and simply not able to, provide the needed care to all those suffering from that cataclysmic event still to this day.

Faced with the reality of the risks involved of which we’re well aware, why would we even consider to continue using nuclear energy? Well, actually there are many who are not aware. It is not something you see much in the news or learn about in school. And for the most part, our perception of what’s going on in the world, and what is important, is dependent on how and what is presented to us as important — we don’t seem to be able to determine for ourselves what matters — after all, we are generally taught and raised by our parents to believe that only ‘professionals’ or ‘authority figures’ can actually know, see, understand, and thus tell us what is important and what is not. We are not allowed to develop a ability to see for ourselves what is actually important.

Well, that is not entirely true — we are taught to see some things as ‘important’, because it was realized that if you can control what the individual sees as important, you can take advantage of that. Just look at some of the things that’s taught as ‘important’, like for example, ‘entertainment’ is taught as something that is an important and necessary part of one’s life, to make up for and to help one cope with the extensive amount of labor one must do to ‘make a living’ within the current system, and this ‘entertainment’ is even quite specifically defined into specific types of entertainment, all which are linked to a specific consumer market- i.e. movies, video games, alcohol, sports, etc. You’ll notice that, forms of entertainment that do not make money are not advertised. So, through this selective advertising, the human is trained to seek only some forms of entertainment — those which make money — and to ignore everything else.

This way, the human’s attention is ‘channeled’ onto these specific points of seeking entertainment, keeping the human occupied and distracted from what’s going on in the world that’s actually important. Like when power plant is inches away from becoming generations and generations of physical maladies like tumors and brain damage and various forms of real physical suffering.

The human is also taught there is nothing they can do it about- only the ‘professionals’ know what to do and can do anything about it, apparently. This is just another ‘trick’ to keep humans from actually doing anything — as long as they think there is nothing they can do, they won’t be able to do anything. All the various institutions that are currently responsible for disseminating information to the ‘public’, such as the television new stations, news radio, schools and universities, etc.– are businesses within and dependent on the current money system, thus they support the current system, and as such are not going to share information that would ‘threaten’ the current system. They are not going to share with the public how the system operates so that the public could actually be participants in the creation and operation of the system- because if that were the case, most people would not choose to allow the system to continue the way it is now.

Most people would rather not live in a world where so much suffering is allowed to go on, every day, every second. Where children are subjected to needless horrific tortures. Where we must spend the majority of our lives slaving away at some irrelevant job that only serves to make someone rich at the expense of the well-being of life- like nuclear power plants.

This is why at Desteni, we are standing up from within this current system, to say that there is another way, and to expose the massive deception that’s taking place and has been for some time — to show that we do not have to accept the system as it is, and that we can live in and create a world where none have to suffer– we are debunking all the lies and misconceptions that’s been propagated so that we’ll accept the current system as it is, despite it’s deleterious affects on ourselves and our world. Desteni is humanity coming together to say ’till here no further’ will we accept and allow such atrocities to be committed, which only lead to more and more suffering. We are standing up and taking self responsibility to create a new system in which life will be supported, where all will ‘profit’ from our labors — not only a few as in the current system, while the rest toil and suffer the consequences of such an abusive system.

If you are ready to stand up for a world where we can actually Live as who we are, as our Real Expression as Human Beings here on this Earth — where we should be the Custodians of this world — not the destroyers of it — join us at Desteni in bringing about a world where we can live in Dignity and in a way which is Best for All – where none must suffer or experience the horrific consequences of nuclear radiation, where we can consider how to do things in such a way that actually supports life here, and does not destroy the very ecosystem as nature as that which we actually require to live and exist here in the physical.

If you’re ready to participate in something that is Real for once, and not simply a marketed form of entertainment designed to channel your attention into a specific market for someone’s profit to keep you distracted from what really matters here — join us at the forums at the Equal Money website, where we’re busy developing the new system which will support us as life here, to live as how we would have really liked life to be — as a world free from suffering and exploitation, where we can actually have time to enjoy ourselves and express ourselves as physical beings here!

The Book – Equal Money System will Release September 2011 — Subscribe to the book newsletter to receive a notification when it’s available.


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