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$50,000 for Kate Middleton in a Bikini?


In an article about Kate Middleton, it’s described how paparazzi make extensive amounts of money for the pictures they get of her-


“We took the first-ever pictures of a potential queen of England taking the trash out,” said Owen Beanie of the W Picture Agency. “Those pictures grossed us just over $45,000, and they’re still selling now.” Full article here.

$45,000 for a female taking trash out- what kind of a world do we live in where people are starving because they have no money for food, and yet you can make $45,000 for taking pictures of some lady taking out her trash…  A picture of her in a bikini went for $50,000…

The only reason these people are even taking these pictures is simply because they want the money. Princess Di apparently died while trying to avoid paparazzi- I mean, this is really ridiculous behaviour- to be following someone around just to take pictures of them to make money. Because people are fascinated with looking at pictures of these people because they think their own lives are boring- but that is just because they don’t have money- it takes money to do anything in this world- thus without money, you can do nothing, and only those that have money will be able to have ‘interesting lives’.

Instead of becoming fascinated by those that do have the money, and trying to ignore our own lives- we should stand up for a new system where all are supported to be able to the things they’d really like, so that you don’t have to ‘settle’ for watching other people ‘live’. Investigate Equal Money.

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