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How Do We Respond to the Situation in Japan?


I was reading some posts at the end of an article that included some emails exchanged between some workers at the damaged power plants in Japan, and when I read this comment posted in response to the article, I realized something very unfortunate:



“No country, America included, has the right to swoop in and take over when there is a disaster and the Japanese want to protect their security and their sense that they are in charge of and looking after their own country (as would any country that was suffering what it is suffering).” See full article here.


It’s unfortunate that our relationships (as nations) aren’t such that we Could just swoop in and help each other out. For example, if you saw someone fall off their bike, would you ‘swoop in’ to help them? I mean, to a large extent we are not like that on an individual level, and this is reflected on the large scale, where, as nations, it’s each nation ‘out for itself’.


I see a world where we can all work together and support each other is possible- though we are yet a long way off from being at that point, where we have actually established trust with each other, and can actually, for once, move as a group, in unity- I see that it is possible- and I see this because I have been transforming myself in my own relationships with others, to consider myself as equal to others, and consider what’s best for everyone equally- and if it’s possible on the individual level to develop real relationships and establish and build trust, then obviously it is possible on the large scale- it’s just a matter of each one of us standing up and taking self responsibility for how we live in this world and in our relationships with each other.


It’s not hard to see what kind of a world we could live in, what kind of life we could have, if we all consider what’s best for all, and stop living in fear and competition with each other. It’d be a World that’s a Trillion times better than what it is now. Where we could immediately take care of disasters and do whatever needs to be done to assist each other and make sure none are suffering. What happened in the aftermath of Katrina, for example- such atrocity would simply not happen.



How much more suffering do we need to go through, before we will finally realize the common sense to stand up and change ourselves, and change this world.


If you see the common sense and are ready to live in a world as equals that do not need to compete and struggle and fight to survive- support the Equal Money System.


The Equal Money System Book is due to be released 9/11/11!- Sign up here to be notified to get your copy so you can educate yourself on the fundamental principles of the Equality-based system that will support Everyone to have a dignified Life!


  1. March 30, 2011 at 7:11 am

    I think it is not common sensical to state every nation has the right and duty to look after their own country when nuclear disasters (almost)take place. Living in Europe with all these power plants in neighboring countries – when something like that happens in Belgium, Germany or France for instance, the Dutch people suffer the consequences as well. So we are in this together and have to work as One.

    So maybe it won’t take that long after all 🙂

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