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Help Japan- Don’t Donate to Capitalism- Support an Equal Money System

You know, it’s in the face of violent natural disasters, that we get a unique opportunity to really see who we are- To see just who we are in the wake of such a disaster, how do we react, how do we respond, when nature strikes a devastating blow? Perhaps we should ‘make the most’ of a tragedy, and see what we can learn about ourselves in our reaction to the situation that’s going on in Japan.

People living near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant have been evacuated from their homes due to the risk of radiation leaks. However, despite the risk of radiation contamination, some 180 plant workers have remained behind, to continue to try to keep the plant from having a meltdown.

They are being referred to as heroes, as the radiation levels they are likely being exposed to are extreme. And while these workers are possibly sacrificing their lives, all we are doing is saying ‘how brave’. This is the extent to which we simply don’t give a fuck. That this kind of situation was even possible to happen in the first place.

This situation never needed to happen in the first place, and the least we can do is ensure that this never happens to anyone else again. When we have an Equal Money System in place, we will be able to fully explore alternatives, but perhaps even more dramatic than that, we’ll be able to cut down significantly on how much energy we require, thus we won’t be tempted to put in nuclear plants because we’re trying to get the most we can just to try and keep up with the demand of the Capitalist system, which sucks the life out of the planet and everyone and everything on it with total disregard for Life whatsoever. And in an Equal Money System, we will have to make jobs as safe as we possibly can, otherwise no one will do them, because we won’t be forced to do jobs that are hazardous to our health just to make a living and maybe be able to survive and breathe another day in this world.

In an Equal Money System, we’ll be able to prevent these kind of tragedies, and we won’t be simply watching this happen to people on a TV screen, and just calling them heroes…

Those who try to buy away their Responsibility and Guilt by donating money supposedly to Japan, within this current monetary system, no that you are doing nothing to help, and in fact are only adding to to the problem, by supporting the current system in which things like this happen. It’s Time for a New System which Considers Life, you want to Help Japan-  Support Equal Money.

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