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Libyan Rebels Being Obliterated- What Should the US Do?

Much debate lately in the news about whether the U.S. should take action in the situation in Libya, and what that action should be.

There is arguments that we simply must do something to stop the Libyan rebels from being slaughtered by the generally much more militarily equipped, armed and trained soldiers and mercenaries fighting for Gaddafi.

Here, we can see just what the rebels are up against- Money. If you have a look at how much money it takes to have and operate an army- it’s quite extensive and can’t be done without it.

It takes money to convince us to take up arms and stand against one another. And this is only possible if there is not access to sufficient money in some other way.

In an Equal Money System, it will be much more difficult to raise an army to protect one’s self-interest. No one will need the money that badly.

Military involvement is really irrelevant in terms of an actual solution. We need an Equal Money System for All Humanity, and that is our priority- anything less is simply allowing abuse to continue while we should be working on a solution.

Here in the U.S. we have a governmental structure that is set up in such a way that it will actually be not difficult to bring about an Equal Money System, and we can serve as an example to the rest of the world.

Ironically, the U.S. has been apparently attempting to serve as an example of Democracy in the world, yet invading countries is not exactly a democratic maneuver, and is downright hypocritical, when the U.S. has not even found a way to support itself effectively- with a crumbling economy where people are losing their homes and more and more are turning to welfare and unemployment because they are not supported by the system.

Thus, if the ‘U.S’ really wants to see change in the world, then the ‘U.S’ must become that change, one and equal. And that means we must change on the individual level, because the U.S. is simply the reflection of all the individuals that make it up.



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