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Pirate Abductions and How to Avoid Them

A Danish family was recently picked up by pirates and are being held for ransom. The family, which is a man and wife and their three children, were on a sailing trip journeying ‘around the world’. They knew they were sailing into pirate-infested waters but apparently were confident they could deal with pirates.

They should have waited to take such a trip, until after an Equal Money System has been established, so that there would no longer be any pirates, and they would not be in the situation they are in now.

This is a perfect example of why to get busy with bringing about an Equality-based system now- because in this current system even if you are one of the elite that’s supported by the system, you must live in this world with all those that’s Not. With those that have gone to such a point as becoming pirates and taking hostages for ransoms to try to make money.

In an Equal Money System, not only will we ALL live like Millionaires, but therefore all crimes that are money-based, which is the vast majority of crimes in this world, will simply stop, and you will not have to worry about, or like this family, experience the horror of being taken by pirates and held for ransom.

Four Americans were taken hostage just before this particular incident, and they were all killed.

These couple incidents is just a ‘drop-in-the-bucket’ of those who’s been abused or killed in this current system- it’s absolutely Unacceptable and totally Unnecessary – an Equal Money System will End this.

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