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Anti-Abortionists Don’t Actually Care About Life

Wow, I just read an article about a religious group that wants to use a fetus to ‘testify’ in court, meaning actually to share the heartbeat of a fetus in court, in support of a bill that would make abortion illegal if there is a detectable heartbeat which can be as early in a pregnancy as 18 days. The so-called “Heartbeat bill” is not likely to be passed.

I have seen protesters in my local area, standing outside the local Bryn Mawr hospital, usually just two or three people, standing there holding signs, not realizing the futility of their protests to actually have any sort of effect on what they are protesting against. Protesting abortion is no way to stop abortions. Yet another example of how we want to change something by ‘Force’ which will not produce Lasting or Effective change. Because to have Real Actual Change, the actual cause of the problem must be considered and you must stop that cause to stop the problem, because obviously, if you don’t stop the cause, it’s going to keep happening, and if you’re trying to use force to stop it, you will need to continuously, infinitely apply that force. Thus, force is not an actual, sustainable Solution.

Therefore it’s absolutely a waste of time to stand around with some signs as obviously, that does ‘fuck-all’ to address the Cause of why people are choosing to have abortions. Thus those who stand there all day holding signs and spreading some ‘message’ of ‘stop abortions’, are actually not doing anything that’s going to actually stop abortions from happening.

And these Religious fanatics that’s opposing abortion because apparently they ‘care’ about life – if they actually care about life they will be working toward ending suffering of those that’s already alive and suffering, and working toward creating a world that is worth children to be born into, bringing forth a system in which life will be supported and thus no one will choose abortion because they cant afford a child or know the child has no chance for a dignified life. That is the Real solution, thus those that want to stop abortion – if that is what you really want, then you will support an Equal Money System.

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