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Cutting Funding Kills- Equal Money System Needed

So, just recently, in this article from CBS, two children died and four other children and four adults were hospitalized in either serious or critical condition from a house fire in Olney on Tuesday. And there is questioning going on as to whether these deaths are the result of Engine 61 being on a scheduled ‘brownout’, as that would have been the first engine to reach the scene. Another Engine took over, which according to Fire Department Lt. Mike Grant, “got there in good order”. However, Mike Kane from the Philadelphia Firefighters Union Local 22 said that Engine 61 could have been there in half the time. The scheduled brownouts are to help Philadelphia cut costs.

So here is one example of what happens when there is not the available money to effectively provide these services- people die. What’s it going to take, how many will have to die, before we will consider a system where we will be able to have these important services- and really it goes way beyond that, simply having funding for a fire department, there is many more dimensions even, as to why and how events like this happen, and people die as a result. It’s quite unfortunate.

And, in this article, the fire department in Wayne County in Michigan has to lay off some or possibly all of it’s fire fighters. And it’s likely they’ll have to lay off some of their police officers too.

We’d better get busy implementing a new system, because this one is failing, and people and children are dying as a result. It’s not because the labor isn’t there, we have the labor, people who’s willing and able to be the fire fighters and the police officers, but there is not enough money to facilitate these points- and money is just pieces of paper or values stored as information in a computer- so really, lets stop being fucking stupid- and give ourselves the money we need to facilitate our movement, so we can be effective here. Give money the value of life, wherein money only has value as a tool for life, wherein life is the value that gives money it’s ‘value’- so we can no longer be enslaved to pieces of paper! This is what the Equal Money System is about- a system which will actually support us to express ourselves here as who and what we really are. Investigate Equal Money.

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