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Camden and Philadelphia Fire Forces Strapped for Cash- Don’t Catch Fire! and Support an Equal Money System

In an article by The Inquirer called “Phila. firefighters to aid Camden in catastrophe”, it’s talking about how the city of Camden asked the city of Philadelphia for assistance, since Camden had to cut one third of it’s fire force.

There is already an agreement in place, since 2008, in which both cities have agreed to help each other in such an emergency as a terrorist attack or natural disaster.

So, they recently held a meeting in which they solidified the plan in place for Camden to be able to request assistance when all their other resources have been depleted, meaning South Jersey fire companies.

The union president of Philadelphia’s firefighters, Bill Gault, said he’d support Philadelphia firefighters going to Camden’s aide only in the case of an airplane flying into a building, because Philadelphia is “cut to the bone” and can’t afford to lend their firefighters. “New Jersey has to fix its problems, and Philadelphia needs to fix its problems,” Gault said. “We are underprotected.”

So, here is yet another example of the ineffectiveness of the current money system where it’s a lack of money, not a lack of labor, that we’re not able to provide sufficient fire protection. How many people will this affect? Will more people die due to lack of sufficient coverage? Obviously when you look at the situation, wherever you are living, you’d like to know that there is sufficient fire fighter coverage in case you find yourself in an emergency.

When you’re in an emergency situation, to have somebody show up to help you out- that is quite cool- and many in this world do not have that, and now even here in the states it’s slipping, finally the failures of the current system are encroaching ever closer and we are actually starting to feel the pinch of the system that has already caused so many to suffer, and still many suffer even right now, and it’ll only get worse until we finally address the situation, and correct it, so that we can have a system in which we are able to fully function, not a system where we can’t have enough firefighters, not because we lack resources, or labor, but because we lack money, which is just bits of paper or digital numbers on a screen. That is why the Equal Money System is proposed, so that money can be directed in ways that support us, rather than limit us, because that makes sense.

Another interesting point in the article, is how Philadelphia and Camden tested out a technical device that they got after 9/11, that allows them to communicate with each other despite being on different frequencies, allowing them to better communicate with each other to coordinate in emergencies. Having the ability to communicate with each other is a cool point to be effective in dealing with emergency situations.

In looking at what else is compatible between them, they found that Philadelphia’s hoses are not compatible with Camden’s hydrants! So, here is a point where it’d be cool to have a specific standard, so that you don’t have compatibility issues and can therefore make most efficient use of the equipment we have. Just one point to consider within the point of making products and tools that actually can last a long time.

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