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Doctor Ditches Patients, and One Dies

In a News Report from Russia Today there’s an investigation going on into the claims that a doctor apparently ditched some patients at a remote bus station instead of transporting them to another hospital where they were to be taken care of. Some of them couldn’t even walk!
The ditched patients were out in the cold for hours when, finally, someone noticed them and alerted the hospital that there were elderly people on their own in the cold, and they were quickly taken back to the hospital. One of the patients died shortly thereafter.
Someone said the doctor had told them an ambulance would come pick them up soon. Another person even claimed they heard the doctor say it would be “easy to die on the street”.
The doctor is denying the allegations.
This is what we’ve come to in this world, leaving old people who can’t fend for themselves out to die in the winter cold! And because why- they don’t have money. If they had money to pay for treatment, this wouldn’t have happened- money in this reality currently is the key to life- if you don’t have money- you don’t have access to life- to the things that one needs to survive in this world such as health care.
An Equal Money System will solve this problem- Everyone will have access to health care- as health care is a basic and fundamental need that one require to exist in this world.
Is this the kind of world we’d want to live- where a DOCTOR who is supposed to help people to Live, puts them out to DEATH instead?? I’d rather live in a World with people who are doctors because it’s what they like to do, and they do it as an expression of themself- Not because they are driven to make money and profit and they could give a fuck if they kill someone. This is why I support an Equal Money System.

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