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Dolphins Die- Science Don’t Know Why

February 26, 2011 Leave a comment

29 corpses of newborn dolphins have washed up on Mexico’s shores, so far this year. This is far more than usual, so scientists are investigating whether there’s a link between these deaths and the BP oil spill, which they’re saying is a definite possibility.

Some experts speculate that the oil spill could have compromised the pregnancies and development of the calves. Some reports have said that some of the corpses appeared to be covered in oil.

However, scientists say these deaths could be cause by disease or decrease in food supply or a sudden dip in water temperature, and pollution could also be a factor.

This is not, however, the first case of mass dolphin deaths in the area, there was one before the oil spill even happened as well, although the article makes no mention of any further details on that.

Here is a funny quote from the article: “Just because there was a horrible, horrible, horrible oil spill last year doesn’t mean that is what caused the deaths of these babies right now – though it could very well,” Randall Wells, a conservation scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, said.

This shows basically we don’t have a clue what the fuck is going on. How long have scientists been studying the earth and we still don’t have a clue- obviously this is not effective- we are not being effective in how we are going about understanding this world, this physical reality, the physical systems which we live in and are part of.

But this is what we get in a system where most of the people, the grand majority in fact, are too busy with such basic points as ‘survival’ and ‘making a living’ that it’s only a very few of us, those who’s taken jobs as scientists, that are actually busy with these points of researching the world’s system of nature.

In an Equal Money System- we will be ‘freed up’ from this ‘survival mode’ and thus more people will have more time to study these points, and we already know that ‘more heads are better than one’, so to speak, meaning that when we have more people working together on points as a group collaberating and sharing information, etc, you get results much faster and you can cross-check those points with everyone to make sure the point is effectively understood.

In an Equal Money System, we can have Real Science, which will study the World from Common Sense perspective, considering our Responsibility for and Outflows/Consequences of our Actions in this World.

As it is now, Most Science is used for businesses to make profit, so not only do we know almost Nothing about the very Ecosystem in which we Live and Require for us to Exist Here, but tons of scientific studies is made up bullshit for the purpose of selling pharmaceuticals. I mean, wtf?

Science has always ‘promised’ to ‘improve’ life, but it’s only actually gone to improving profit for those with enough money to manipulate and control the science industry, and in this current system, you can’t get around that, it’s built in- because a company or organization must do a monkey dance to earn a buck to do it’s research, and since everyone needs to have a job all the time to be able to afford to support themself, this means lots of unnecessary jobs must be created, therefore many scientists likely choose this profession not because its what they wanted to do, but because they had to do something and it pays better and has a better ‘image’ than most other jobs which are mostly ‘shitty’ retail jobs that no one really wants to do.

Unfortunately an extensive amount of abuse comes from this, animal testing for unnecessary makeup and other vanity related products, testing vehicle safety and sports gear effectiveness. Wherever the money is, that’s where science has had to follow. Therefore, we give ourselves an Equal Money System, and then science can be ‘freed up’ to be what it’s really intended to be, as support for life here and how best we can life here in a way that is sustainable and actually use science to support us to live better and better understand our world. Science can no longer be bought and sold, made to ‘fudge’ not simply test results, but even whole tests themselves, in order to protect the interest of the paying, interested parties.

Time to stop living in a World that is existing for profit- Time for Equal Money System.


Cutting Funding Kills- Equal Money System Needed

February 24, 2011 Leave a comment

So, just recently, in this article from CBS, two children died and four other children and four adults were hospitalized in either serious or critical condition from a house fire in Olney on Tuesday. And there is questioning going on as to whether these deaths are the result of Engine 61 being on a scheduled ‘brownout’, as that would have been the first engine to reach the scene. Another Engine took over, which according to Fire Department Lt. Mike Grant, “got there in good order”. However, Mike Kane from the Philadelphia Firefighters Union Local 22 said that Engine 61 could have been there in half the time. The scheduled brownouts are to help Philadelphia cut costs.

So here is one example of what happens when there is not the available money to effectively provide these services- people die. What’s it going to take, how many will have to die, before we will consider a system where we will be able to have these important services- and really it goes way beyond that, simply having funding for a fire department, there is many more dimensions even, as to why and how events like this happen, and people die as a result. It’s quite unfortunate.

And, in this article, the fire department in Wayne County in Michigan has to lay off some or possibly all of it’s fire fighters. And it’s likely they’ll have to lay off some of their police officers too.

We’d better get busy implementing a new system, because this one is failing, and people and children are dying as a result. It’s not because the labor isn’t there, we have the labor, people who’s willing and able to be the fire fighters and the police officers, but there is not enough money to facilitate these points- and money is just pieces of paper or values stored as information in a computer- so really, lets stop being fucking stupid- and give ourselves the money we need to facilitate our movement, so we can be effective here. Give money the value of life, wherein money only has value as a tool for life, wherein life is the value that gives money it’s ‘value’- so we can no longer be enslaved to pieces of paper! This is what the Equal Money System is about- a system which will actually support us to express ourselves here as who and what we really are. Investigate Equal Money.

Juarez: Deadliest City in Mexico- This Would Not Happen in an Equal Money System

February 21, 2011 Leave a comment

In Juarez, Mexico, 53 people were killed over 72 hours, reports an article from CNN. Several of those killed were police officers.

One police officer was shot ten times at close range by a driver who confronted the officer after being given a ticket.

A head was found on a street, and another body was found by a burnt vehicle.

Besides those killed in Juarez, 13 taxi drivers were also killed in the town of Acapulco.

Juarez, one of Mexico’s deadliest cities, is home to some drug cartels who are at war with each other over turf for drug-smuggling routes, and drug-dealing territory. So far for 2011, in the city of Juarez an average of 8 people are killed every day.

In our current system such crime exists because drug trafficking is actually more lucrative than the legal route- wherein there is often not enough jobs, not enough decent jobs, that pay enough for a decent living. Crime becomes a better option as for those who are born into situations of poverty, lack the means of an getting an education, and thus lack the means to get a decent job with which to sustain themself. Not to mention that in the current system one is often required to work more than is actually necessary- this also leads to the appeal of criminal ‘business’.

In an Equal Money System this will no longer be an issue, as everyone will have sufficient access to their needs for participating within the system for a brief conscription period- as opposed to the current system where one has no choice but to work until they are too old to work anymore, and then must rely on Social Security to be able to survive.

Camden and Philadelphia Fire Forces Strapped for Cash- Don’t Catch Fire! and Support an Equal Money System

February 19, 2011 Leave a comment

In an article by The Inquirer called “Phila. firefighters to aid Camden in catastrophe”, it’s talking about how the city of Camden asked the city of Philadelphia for assistance, since Camden had to cut one third of it’s fire force.

There is already an agreement in place, since 2008, in which both cities have agreed to help each other in such an emergency as a terrorist attack or natural disaster.

So, they recently held a meeting in which they solidified the plan in place for Camden to be able to request assistance when all their other resources have been depleted, meaning South Jersey fire companies.

The union president of Philadelphia’s firefighters, Bill Gault, said he’d support Philadelphia firefighters going to Camden’s aide only in the case of an airplane flying into a building, because Philadelphia is “cut to the bone” and can’t afford to lend their firefighters. “New Jersey has to fix its problems, and Philadelphia needs to fix its problems,” Gault said. “We are underprotected.”

So, here is yet another example of the ineffectiveness of the current money system where it’s a lack of money, not a lack of labor, that we’re not able to provide sufficient fire protection. How many people will this affect? Will more people die due to lack of sufficient coverage? Obviously when you look at the situation, wherever you are living, you’d like to know that there is sufficient fire fighter coverage in case you find yourself in an emergency.

When you’re in an emergency situation, to have somebody show up to help you out- that is quite cool- and many in this world do not have that, and now even here in the states it’s slipping, finally the failures of the current system are encroaching ever closer and we are actually starting to feel the pinch of the system that has already caused so many to suffer, and still many suffer even right now, and it’ll only get worse until we finally address the situation, and correct it, so that we can have a system in which we are able to fully function, not a system where we can’t have enough firefighters, not because we lack resources, or labor, but because we lack money, which is just bits of paper or digital numbers on a screen. That is why the Equal Money System is proposed, so that money can be directed in ways that support us, rather than limit us, because that makes sense.

Another interesting point in the article, is how Philadelphia and Camden tested out a technical device that they got after 9/11, that allows them to communicate with each other despite being on different frequencies, allowing them to better communicate with each other to coordinate in emergencies. Having the ability to communicate with each other is a cool point to be effective in dealing with emergency situations.

In looking at what else is compatible between them, they found that Philadelphia’s hoses are not compatible with Camden’s hydrants! So, here is a point where it’d be cool to have a specific standard, so that you don’t have compatibility issues and can therefore make most efficient use of the equipment we have. Just one point to consider within the point of making products and tools that actually can last a long time.

Doctor Ditches Patients, and One Dies

February 17, 2011 Leave a comment

In a News Report from Russia Today there’s an investigation going on into the claims that a doctor apparently ditched some patients at a remote bus station instead of transporting them to another hospital where they were to be taken care of. Some of them couldn’t even walk!
The ditched patients were out in the cold for hours when, finally, someone noticed them and alerted the hospital that there were elderly people on their own in the cold, and they were quickly taken back to the hospital. One of the patients died shortly thereafter.
Someone said the doctor had told them an ambulance would come pick them up soon. Another person even claimed they heard the doctor say it would be “easy to die on the street”.
The doctor is denying the allegations.
This is what we’ve come to in this world, leaving old people who can’t fend for themselves out to die in the winter cold! And because why- they don’t have money. If they had money to pay for treatment, this wouldn’t have happened- money in this reality currently is the key to life- if you don’t have money- you don’t have access to life- to the things that one needs to survive in this world such as health care.
An Equal Money System will solve this problem- Everyone will have access to health care- as health care is a basic and fundamental need that one require to exist in this world.
Is this the kind of world we’d want to live- where a DOCTOR who is supposed to help people to Live, puts them out to DEATH instead?? I’d rather live in a World with people who are doctors because it’s what they like to do, and they do it as an expression of themself- Not because they are driven to make money and profit and they could give a fuck if they kill someone. This is why I support an Equal Money System.

More Immigration-Related Death, due to Lack of Equal Money System

February 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Here goes another incident, from the Inquirer, involving Immigration resulting in Death- Two U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were attacked by two ‘gunmen’. A Special Agent Jaime J.Zapata was wounded and died later Tuesday. The other agent was also wounded, shot in the arm and leg, and is in stable condition.

They were traveling down a highway in an armored car, when they were forced of the round and surrounded by more than 10 people.

In an Equal Money System, there will be no Immigration problems, thus we won’t have any Immigration agents- Special Agent Zapata did not have to die, if we had an Equal Money System- how many more people must die before we get the point?

The Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said in response to this event, “Let me be clear: Any act of violence against our ICE personnel — or any DHS personnel — is an attack against all those who serve our nation and put their lives at risk for our safety.”

This is really irrelevant and misleading. This only supports separation, making it an ‘Us vs. Them’, which only fuels the problem, and does nothing to practically solve it. The solution is obviously a system in which we don’t need to fight each other to try and have a decent life for ourself- the solution is an Equal Money System.

ICE Director John Morton said the “tragedy is a stark reminder of the risks confronted and the sacrifices made by our men and women every day.”

Not to mention the sacrifices of so many more that is suffering due to this current system. Which can all end by implementing a new system based on Equality.

Mexican officials released a statement on the shootings:

“Mexico’s government vigorously condemns this serious act of violence, and expresses its solidarity with the United States Government and the families of those attacked,” the statement read. “Federal authorities, in coordination with state cooperation, have an ongoing investigation to clarify what happened and bring to justice those responsible.”

In Fact, we are all Responsible, we all participate in this current system which leads to these Problems such as Immigration, therefore we are All Responsible to stand up and Change it. Support an Equal Money System– the longer you wait, the More DIE, maybe you’re next.

Father and Daughter Murdered- Two Unecessary Deaths

February 14, 2011 Leave a comment

In the news today, a story about a woman in Arizona, an anti-illegal immigrant activist, led a raid on a Latino family’s home, with two accomplices, was convicted of murdering a man and his daughter and the attempted of murder his wife. Prosecutors said she and her accomplices were hoping to find weapons, money, and drugs they could steal in order to finance a new anti-illegal immigration outfit.
None of this needs to happen. In an Equal Money System, it will not matter what country you are from. And we will not have inequal situations, such that everyone wants to be in one place, where they might have the best chance for a decent life.
To those that is against immigration legal or illegal, realize this point- if you Really want to Stop the problem, Vote for an Equal Money System. The reason illegal immigration or legal immigration is seen as a problem all comes down to Money. It is hypocritical to be against immigration when you are living in an elite country which is profiting off the resources of other countries and impoverishing them so that if they have the chance they will do whatever they can to get into the elite countries to have a dignified life. Duh!
Equal Money System will Solve Immigration- if we make it so that no matter where in the world you are, you can have a dignified life, then obviously you will not have this problem, it won’t matter where anyone is living, and you won’t have too many people wanting to be in one place. It’s so simple. Equal Money System. 1+1=2.

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